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Delhi is to build India’s first ever e-waste eco-park

The e-waste eco-park will take care of rising e-waste

The Delhi government has decided to build India’s first-ever e-waste eco-park in a bid to boost tourism. Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia, announced on Thursday. The e-waste eco-park, which will take care of rising e-waste, will be the “country’s first” and Delhi will be home to it.

Sisodia, while addressing a press conference, mentioned that during the Cabinet meeting, two important decisions had been made. Between them, the first decision was regarding the E-waste Park. He mentioned how the use of electronic newspapers is increasing, hence the e-waste as well. The country’s first e-waste eco-park, where recycling and re-manufacturing work will be done, will be soon set up by the Delhi government. The non-existent E-waste management system will also be brought into the picture.

Delhi’s 2 lakh tonnes of e-waste, which is produced annually, will be taken care of by this park, constructed on 20 acres of land.

Additionally, the Delhi Film Policy 2022 will also be introduced by the government for tourism purposes. For better branding of Delhi and associating our residents through films, Film Policy 2022 will be helpful. To support film producers, a 50 crore film fund will be introduced.

Aiming to create jobs and boost the economy, this will be India’s most progressive film policy.

The government of Delhi has already approved the Delhi Film Policy 2022, highlighting the objective behind the film policy. The four prime objectives are :

  1. Job creation
  2. Associating the people of Delhi with the policy
  3. Making Delhi a prime shooting location brand
  4. Transforming Delhi into a hub for the production of domestic and international cinemas

The subsidy of up to INR 3 crore for movies made in Delhi was also announced by the minister.

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