Delta Plus variant has total of 48 cases in India

The new Delta plus variant has been found in 12 states of India.

The medical experts and several state governments are closely monitoring the spread of the new Delta plus variant of Covid-19. After being considered as the ‘variant of concern’ by the Indian government, the cases of the Delta plus variant have been localized to a few areas.

The state government of Maharashtra has tightened the restrictions to contain the spread of this new variant allowing only a few shops to remain open until 4 pm. According to the announcement made by the central government officials, the new Delta plus variant is found in 12 states of India.

The Indian Council of Medical Research is studying the data and is constantly collecting samples from various sources to study it. The ICMR officials said that the cases of the new variant are very localized and measures are being taken to contain it.

The director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) also suggested that the preparations for the third wave should be done. The Delta plus variant is believed to be more transmissible than the previous variant and it has the potential to escape the antibodies created by the vaccines. It is also believed that the new variant has an affinity to target the lung tissues of a person.

The following report by Hindustan Times talks about the new Delta Plus variant and why it is a cause of concern.

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