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Dharamshala to start Aerial ropeway soon

This ropeway connects Mcleodganj to the town of Dharamshala.

We have super news for Dharamshala and Dharamkot lovers. Amidst the new variant chaos, a new ropeway was recently inaugurated by Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur.

This aerial ropeway that connects Dharamshala and Mcleodganj is named the Dharamshala Skyway. It was inaugurated on Wednesday.

This ropeway comes with many benefits to the people and the government. This ropeway will be a great way to attract more tourists and it will also help reduce the increased traffic congestion. The ropeway inaugurated by the chief minister cost around ₹207 crores. The CM also mentioned that this ropeway was built as a public-private partnership project between Dharamshala Ropeway Limited and Himachal Pradesh’s tourism and civil aviation department.

If you have been to Dharamshala, the traffic to reach McLeodganj gets bad during peak tourist season and rainy days. But the best part is that this ropeway has reduced this time to nine minutes.

The skyway has a crazy capacity of ferrying 1,000 persons per hour. It also comes with a mono-cable detachable gondola (cabin) system.

Covid norms disregarded

The residents are penalized even if they step out without a mask all over. But during the inauguration, the rules were very carelessly disregarded by all the politicians present there. Even the CM was seen without the mask while posing for a selfie. He was the one who mentioned the penalties and strict guidelines for people.

Many other important ministers were also seen in the same gondola, chilling without their masks. Also, during this inauguration, a free ride was offered. So this led to a little havoc as people surpassed the social distancing norms and almost pushed each other to avail themselves of their free rides. The cops and other authorities were standing there doing nothing to stop this.

Residents feedback: Fare too high

So the main concern of the residents was that why would people pay more for the ropeway if the cabs are cheaper? Also, they doubted the fact that the ropeway will help reduce the traffic. The ride is not cheap. The price is ₹300 for one side and will cost ₹500 for a two-way ride.

Also, the previous minister had the same doubt. If people can pay ₹200 for a shared cab for a to and fro journey, why would they pay ₹500 for a two-way ride? It is a no-brainer that locals would prefer private vehicles and travelers would like to save money.

Important features of the ropeway
  • Type: Mono-cable detachable gondola system
  • Total Cost of the project: ₹144 crore
  • Length of the ropeway: 1.75km
  • Total Number of cabins: 18
  • Capacity: 1,000 person/ hour (one side)
  • Total Travel time: 9 minutes
  • One-way ticket: ₹300
  • Two-way ticket: ₹500


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