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Dholavira in Gujarat has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site

The ancient Harappan civilization of the Indus valley was based in Dholavira.

The small village called Dholavira in the state of Gujarat has recently been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Dholavira is located in the Kutch region of Gujarat and is an archaeological site for the ancient Harappan civilization.

With the new status given to Dholavira as a World Heritage Site, a huge number of tourists are expected to visit this small village once the tourism activities resume. The villagers of Dholavira as expecting the status of the living to be improved a little. Even the basic facilities are lacking for the villagers living in the area.

The state government is working towards making a developmental plan to make Dholavira a travel destination. Dholavira has also been included in the top 17 tourism sites in India. The tourism department is already working towards promoting this site as an international tourist destination.

Somnath is another site that is included in the UNESCO list of heritage sites in Gujarat. There are now 17 sites in India which are on the list of heritage sites. The following news article from ‘Times of India’ details the status that was recently given to Dholavira.

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