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District of Chamba in Himachal asked the government to not allow tourists

Chamba Council urged the government to not allow tourists to enter Himachal Borders.

Khajjiar Chamba
Khajjiar, Chamba (image source; wikimedia commons)

In Chamba, the District Progressive Council has asked the government of Himachal Pradesh to review their decision on allowed tourists to enter Himachal borders. Due to the surging cases of COVID, the people of Chamba are worried about making their district a hotspot.

However, many people who are associated with the tourism business have been relieved because of the tourists since they provide a source of income for them.

But in the recent reports, the vice president of the ‘Chamba District Progressive Council’, Mr. SC Nayyar said that it is not a good idea to let tourists into the state. He said that several months ago, there were only 18 COVID cases in the state. Due to the interstate travel of the tourists, the cases have surged and the communities of the village are also exposed to the infection.

The council has made a formal request to the government to review its decision on opening the borders.

On Friday, the Himachal government made an announcement that stated that all migrant labor force will have to institutionally quarantine themselves after entering Himachal borders. However, no such rule is applied to the tourists as of now.

In the coming weeks, it is highly likely that the Himachal government will make some changes to the rules related to the incoming tourists.


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