Drug Authority of India rejects the reports about erectile dysfunction after Covid-19 or vaccination

The World Health Organisation also denied that Covid-19 causes impotence or infertility.

Even though some studies clearly show that the Covid-19 can cause erectile dysfunction in men, some researchers have repeatedly denied that there is any evidence for this case.

As of now, no vaccine manufacturers have announced any health issues in connection with the vaccination. All the major vaccine makers have said that there is no issue with their vaccine. Along with the vaccine manufacturers, the Drug Authority of India and the World Health Organisation have denied any vaccines causing sexual dysfunctions.

But in contrast to the denials, several studies have found a direct link of Covid-19 that shows that the risk of getting erectile dysfunction can drastically increase after the Covid infection. This study was reported by the Journal Andrology researchers in Rome. The Daily Mail newspaper reported on this study by saying, that the Covid-19 virus can cause inflammation of the endothelium that can cause erectile dysfunction.

Another study from the US infectious disease department also reported that there will be long-term effects of Covid-19 on men. Also, last year a study done in China reported that the Covid virus infection can lead to low sperm count. This study was published in the journal called ‘Clinical Medicine of the Lancet’.

The following news report by India Today also reported on the widespread reports on Social Media saying more and more people are talking about issues caused by the vaccines and the Covid infection.

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