Eco-Tourism programme based on Dolphin conservation launched at Ganga River sites

The Dolphin population in the Ganga River has increased significantly in the recent years.

Gangetic Dolphin
Gangetic Dolphin Species (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

On Monday, a campaign called ‘My Ganga My Dolphin’ was launched with the collaborative efforts of The Wildlife Institute of India, The National Mission for Clean Ganga, and the Forest Department of India.

Various sites alongside the River Ganga were selected for launching this program. There are around 6 sites that were selected across India. These sites are located in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and West Bengal. The focus behind this program is to promote the conservation efforts to clean the Ganga river and the preservation of the local Dolphin species that are found in the Ganga river.

During the lockdown period because of the pandemic, it was observed that the river Ganga was way less polluted due to the diminished human activity. The industries were closed down and the dumping of waste into the river was greatly reduced. This resulted in the clean waters of Ganga and the thriving of the Dolphins. Also, due to the lockdown, the focus of the government and tourism department was on tourism and the potential of Eco-tourism.

The population of the dolphin species in Ganga has increased in recent years. The efforts for cleaning Ganga and preserving the dolphins have also found support from the people and conservation agencies alike. 

Many volunteers have contributed to the efforts to clean Ganga as well as to promote some sites near Ganga for eco-tourism. People have shown great interest in the boat rides to watch the dolphins. With the government intervention and contribution from locals, it is possible to clean the Ganga River and create solutions to manage the waste that gets dumped into the river system.

The following YouTube video from ‘Robin De’ is from the year 2015. It shows the time when the Gangetic Dolphin population was in danger due to Pollution.

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