Elephanta Caves will reopen for tourists

Elephanta Caves has been shut down since 1st April.

Every passing week, more and more tourist destinations are opening up. All states of India are gearing up to receive tourists. International tourism is about to start and more and more travelers are expected to visit India. However, international tourism will come into full flow gradually. But the domestic tourist numbers are increasing every day.

Most of the popular tourist destinations states like Himachal, Uttarakhand, and Goa have been overcrowded for the past few weeks. Covid restrictions have been relaxed and the numbers are expected to grow in the coming months.

Elephanta Caves is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in the state of Maharashtra. It is a famous tourist destination that attracts hundreds of tourists every year. In Maharashtra, the number of Covid cases has declined significantly and more tourists destination are expected to reopen soon.

According to the district official of the Raigad District, consent for the opening of Elephanta Island has been given. The Elephanta caves have been closed since 1st April. With more and more relaxation for tourism, the state of Maharashtra is expected to bounce back to revival if the Covid situation stays good.

Following is the news report from ‘Hindustan Times’ reporting about the recent announcement by the district official of Raigad district.

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