Fake Remdesivir racket busted in Gujarat

7 people arrested in the illegal sale of fake Remdesivir drug

A group of black marketers was caught with 3,372 vials of fake Remdesivir injections by the Crime Branch of Ahmedabad in Gujarat. The fake Remdesivir vial is filled with glucose and salt and is branded with a famous pharmaceutical company brand with the price marked as Rs. 4500. The total value of the seized vials is about 1.61 crore rupees.

There were several raids made by the Crime Branch in the major cities of Surat, Ahmedabad, and Mobi on Saturday 1st May 2021. During these raids along with the counterfeited drugs, a cash currency of around 90 lakh was also seized. This amount was allegedly earned from the sale of the fake Remdesivir vials.

According to the reports, these racketeers were involved in the sale of these fake drugs throughout the state of Gujarat. As of now, 8 culprits have been identified and 7 have been arrested by the police.

Also, police have confirmed that some of the raw materials and the vials were imported from Mumbai on which the fake branding was pasted. These vials on inspection showed that it only contained a compound made up on salt and glucose. The drug was prepared and packaged in a factory located in the city of Vapi in Gujarat.

It was also learned that the price of this fake ‘Remdesivir’ kept changing according to the demand of the drug in various areas of Gujarat. This fake drug was sold between Rs. 2500 – Rs. 5000 and was distributed through selected channels.

This has resulted in endangering the lives of the COVID patients and strict action will be taken against them. As of now the facilities involved in storing and preparing these drugs have been sealed by the police.

Due to the crisis in India, people are desperate for life-saving drugs and facilities. This has resulted in a huge demand for drugs like ‘Remdesivir’ and this demand has created a ‘Black Market’ that is operating to benefit from the COVID crisis.

Following is the news report about the case from India Today.

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