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Fear of Nipah virus in Kerala fades away

Since last 2 weeks there has been no reports of any new case in Kerala.

Recently, the state of Kerala has been a hotspot for Covid-19 infections. Since, the beginning of the pandemic, Kerala has been battling hard to control the spread of coronavirus.

On top of it all, another virus called the ‘Nipah virus’ emerged in Kerala. The Nipah virus has appeared third time in the last 4 years. This virus spread from animals to humans through contamination of food and exposure to animal waste. Several cases were reported last month for the Nipah virus.

However, as of today, no new cases have been reported for the past few weeks. The health minister of Kerala has decided to ease the travel restrictions. The incubation period for the Nipah virus is 14 days and since the last 2 weeks, there has been no active case of Nipah in Kerala.

The Nipah virus scare made the population fear another lockdown. However, as per the health officials, the source of the virus was found and spread was contained. The recent death caused by the Nipah virus was that of a body aged 12. It was the third death reported due to the Nipah virus.

So far, the health department has announced that there is nothing to worry and travel restrictions have been relaxed again. Following is a detailed account of the Nipah virus scare that happened in Kerala. This report is by ‘’.

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