First death after vaccination confirmed by Indian Government

A total of 31 cases with adverse effects caused by vaccines have been reviewed by the AEFI committe.

The report from the AEFI committee in India showed the reactions that occurred after taking the vaccination. A recent case of a 68-year-old man who died due to anaphylaxis after taking the Covid vaccine was recognized by the AEFI panel of experts.

There were two more cases of anaphylaxis that recovered after being hospitalized. These assessments were recognized the report was officially approved by the members of the AEFI committee.

In the AEFI report, they approved the assessment of a total of 31 cases with adverse reactions after taking the vaccination. All these cases were thoroughly studied and reviewed by the panel of medical experts.

In India, there is a large number of people expressing vaccine-hesitancy in various parts of India. On social media, several posts about the negative effects of the vaccine were posted which were neglected and denied by the medical doctors in India.

Just last week, several people came forward with the magnetization of their bodies after getting vaccinated. These people clearly showed metal objects and utensils getting stuck to their bodies. Several news channels reported on these cases, but the experts keep denying their claims of vaccines causing this effect.

Similar cases of severe health problems related to vaccines were reported throughout the world on social media. However, these cases were denied by almost all health officials and these cases were labeled as conspiracy theories.

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