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Flooding and landslides cause loss of life and property in Kerala

35 people have been reported to be killed due to the flooding and several are still missing.

Due to the heavy rainfall, massive flooding and landslides happened in several places in the state of Kerala. The state of Kerala is one of the major tourist destinations in India which has been preparing to receive tourists for the upcoming winter months. However, the weather took a turn and caused heavy downpours which in return caused flooding and landslides.

This resulted in the death of 35 people who have been reported so far. The rescue efforts are underway to search for survivors of this natural disaster. It has been reported that 22 people have lost their lives due to the landslides that occurred in the popular destinations of the Idukki and Kottayam districts of Kerala. Many people have lost their homes due to landslides.

Thousands of local people have been displaced due to the flooding and have been evacuated to a safer location. The water levels in the rivers are expected to increase in the coming days as the heavy rainfall is expected to continue. Several places in the states of Himachal and Uttarakhand have also issued alerts as more rains are expected to hit these states.

Some people have lost the source of their livelihood due to this calamity and many people are still reported missing. In the year 2018, similar flooding occurred which killed around 500 people and caused damage to the properties. Before the winter months start, more rainfall is expected all over the coastal regions of India along with the Himalayan regions of Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Following is the official news report from ‘Al Jazeera’ which talks about the damage caused by the heavy flooding and landslides in Kerala. In the coming weeks, more rainfall might cause further flooding and landslides in Kerala.

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