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Flooding in Varanasi creates havok

The cremation grounds in Varanasi are currently underwater.

The flooding that happened today in the state of Uttar Pradesh made the rivers swell up and created a huge disruption. Thousands of people have left their villages to look for shelter. Many of these people have nowhere else to go.

The famous city of Varanasi is one of the worst places to get affected by these floods. The cremation ghats where hundreds of people are cremated every day have been submerged underwater. People are being taken to safety and regular relief work is going on to help save lives.

The weather is expected to be bad in the coming days. The monsoon season is known to create disruptions in the daily lives of people. The following news byte about the floods is from the ‘Times of India’ channel.

Also, a detailed report of the recent events is in the news article from Deccan Herald. The link is given below.

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