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Folk artists of Rajasthan are organizing virtual concerts to sustain their livelihood

Folk Musician from Rajasthan (image source : wikimedia commons)

Rajasthan is one of the most popular tourist destinations among international tourists. Thousands flock to Rajasthan every year to enjoy the colorful culture of this Indian state. Rajasthan tourism authorities did a great job of promoting its folk culture. Through the exposure of its music, dance, art, food, and handicrafts, Rajasthan has become unforgettable for the tourists.

Since the lockdown was implemented in India, many businesses have failed and many are struggling to survive. The hardest-hit industry is the tourism industry. Along with the hotels, travel agencies, and restaurants, the local artists who depended on tourists for their income also suffered financially. This was due to the fact that there are no incoming tourists and all public events got canceled.

However, many artists have found a way to promote their art with the use of technology. Some folk dancers were recently reported to have streamed their performance online. This proved to be successful for them to earn some income. But still, there is a challenge of using the technology for those who are not familiar with the apps and social media platforms.

Many musicians are solely dependent on music for their livelihood. They have also turned to the internet to host their concerts. Many have scheduled their online programs to help themselves through these difficult times.

Some of the folk artists even created awareness through their music. The artists can be seen in the following video by ‘The Quint’.

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