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Foreigners stuck in Kerala during lockdown are going through worry and confusion

Varkala Beach : Image source (Wikimedia Commons)

After about 50 days of lockdown in India, many tourists that are stuck in India faced multiple problems. Most of the tourists went back home after their respective countries who sent planes to pick them up. Some of them went back after getting required permissions from the Indian state government.

Some tourists who got stuck in Kerala had been going through lots of problems. The tourists belonging to various countries such as Russia, US, Australia, Canada and UK have been struggling with their finances. Most of them ran out of money and are currently stranded on Varkala.    

The following report from TRT World from last month clearly shows the stress of these stranded tourists.

Many locals have come forward to help these people with free food. The main challenge for the tourists is the money running out. The Governments of the countries of these stranded tourists have not responded positively. Many Russian and US-based tourists have made requests for travel arrangements to go home. There was one Russian flight that got recently canceled. This flight was assigned to get their citizens back home.

Many of them are going through a phase of depression and confusion. These people have created a telegram and WhatsApp groups to share important information. They are helping each other with whatever they can. Some locals in Kerala have also come forward to help some tourists in finding a free place to stay when they ran out of money.

The Kerala government has ensured the safety of all the foreign nationals. Despite the challenges, the government is hopeful that the arrangement for their return will be made soon.

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