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Foreigners who are stuck in Goa help clean beaches and plant seeds

A group of 50 volunteers from 15 countries helped clean beaches and sowing seeds

Sweet Lake, Arambol, Goa (image source: wikimedia commons)

Since the lockdown, many foreign nationals have been stuck in Goa and decided to stay due to the travel restrictions.

Currently, the monsoon in Goa is at its most intense. This time of the year is considered ‘Off-Season’ in Goa. It is very unusual to see tourists during this time. However, the foreigners stuck in Goa are now a common sight for the local Goa people.

In Arambol, located in North Goa, some Russian tourists started cleaning the beach. Many people joined in the effort to clean the beach. Soon, there were Indians and tourists from around 15 countries who started with the cleaning of the beach.

Soon the news reached the local government officials who sent help and provided gloves, plastic bags, and other equipment to help in the cleaning effort. The area around Sweet Lake took 10 days of work to clean all the plastics and garbage that was scattered all over the area. The cleaning effort took around 50 volunteers to finish the job.

Some tourists also volunteered with the locals to help them in the fields of a village called Taleigao. This village is located near the capital city of Panaji. These foreign volunteers helped the arms in planting seeds and other field-work.

According to the reports, there have been several flights to help foreigners to return home. So far, over 10,000 tourists were flown back home. However, many chose to stay in Goa. Some of these tourists will return back in the coming weeks as more flights are being arranged and also because many of them have stayed more than 6 months and want to go back home.


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