Himachal Pradesh

Four new COVID-19 positive cases appear in Himachal Pradesh

Image source : Pixabay

Last week, people of Himachal were hopeful that their state will be free from the virus and will be declared a Green Zone state. However, yesterday 4 new cases got reported which were found to be coronavirus positive. The total tally of the cases in Himachal reached 46.

Out of the 4 new cases that were reported, 3 cases were from Chamba and Kangra and the 1 was from Mandi district who was a 21-year-old youth. He died at the Indira Gandhi Hospital in Shimla. The mother of the youth who took him to the hospital has also been tested positive. Both of these patients traveled from Delhi.

All the medical staff who took care of these patients are under the quarantine and are being examined as well. The 15 staff members are also kept under the quarantine. The medical equipment is also being kept in a quarantined for the purpose of disinfection. There are a total of 5 active cases of coronavirus patients as of today.

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