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From Tokyo to Kochi: This is why three Keralites pedalled all the way

This event was hosted by Green Kerala Mission to promote awareness for the environment.

To encourage people of all age groups to take up healthy, eco-friendly pursuits, the Green Kerala Mission has appointed Bicycle Mayors in four cities in the state. But apart from this, three Malayalis driven by their sheer love for cycling decided to turn their passion for cycling into an adventure of a lifetime. Cycling has become pretty famous in Kerala. More and more people are taking it up and have started to become conscious about their carbon footprint on the environment. Many people have also started to opt for cycling as their mode of transport.

Haseeb Ahsan, Cliffin Francis, and Dona Jacob have committed to undertake a cycling marathon that will start on December 15 in Kochi and cover 10,000 kilometers in 8 countries, and conclude on the opening day of the Tokyo Olympics in Japan on July 24. The adventure of a lifetime will last for 230 days and will conclude with the inauguration of the Olympics in Tokyo.

Three is not crowd, it’s a company

All these three cyclists are solely connected based on their love of the sport. Even though they all are from one college in Kerala, they all met recently.

The most experienced one among them is Haseeb, 32, who is from Bangalore. He has cycled from Dubai to Moscow for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Dona, 29, who is an engineer by profession, is looking forward to promoting independence and the spirit of adventure among women through this expedition.

Their individual goals do not distract them or make their connection with each other any weaker.

They are connected by a very strong thread – passion for traveling.  There is nothing but passion in mind when one quits the job to embark on a journey that won’t be easy.

When it’s about adventure, there are no questions and no answers. The same is with these three. They are going where their hearts and passion take them. They are more concerned about the bigger purpose than individual goals.

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