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Fully vaccinated tourists are now allowed to enter Sikkim

The tourism economy is likely to see a boost after a long period of lockdowns.

The state government of Sikkim recently announced that the tourists who are fully vaccinated can now enter the state of Sikkim starting July 5th. Tourists can enter from Rangpo in the East Sikkim and from Melli situated in the South of Sikkim. At the border, the tourists will only have to show their vaccination certificate to get their entry authorized.

By being ‘fully vaccinated’ means that the two doses of vaccine will have to be administered. The government lifted the ban on tourism and decided to allow the vaccinated tourists to enter the State. The summer months are usually the peak season of tourism activities in the state. This is because the rest of the major cities in India are facing a heatwave. Due to this thousands of domestic tourists rush towards the mountains to cool off.

Since the month of March, the government of Sikkim has banned the entry of tourists to safeguard against the spread of Covid. Also, the hotels and homestays are allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity. Other facilities such as malls, factories, offices, and shops are allowed to fully function but with social distancing and safety norms.

The decision is most likely to help restart the tourism economy of Sikkim which has suffered significant losses of business opportunities and jobs for the local people. In the coming weeks, it is expected that the tourism activities will increase as more tourists are willing to travel before the expected third wave of Covid.

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