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Goa Chief Minister to make the final decision next week on restarting tourism

בעלי מלונות דרשו מהממשלה לחדש את התיירות כדי להימנע מסגירת העסקים שלהם

Beach in Goa
Beach in Goa (image source: wikimedia commons)

After many changes in the decisions about restarting and stopping the tourism in Goa, the Goa government finally will make a decision by the end of next week. Mr. Pramod Sawant, the Chief Minister of Goa is positive in restarting tourism activities. Many hotel owners and tour operators demanded the government to compensate them or let them work. After hearing all the demands Mr. Pramod Sawant said today that the government will take some decisive action within the next 8 days.

 There were some conditions that were given by the State Secretariat for the re-opening of the hotels. Some basic conditions include that the hotels need to make sure the sanitization of the premises will have to be done. Each and every room of the hotel will have be to sanitized after the guests leave the hotel. Many health and safety protocols have been listed which the hotel owners have to agree to in order to resume their businesses.

 The chief minister also mentioned the mandatory screening of all visitors coming to Goa. This testing will continue as long as the tourism activities are going on. He also said that visiting public places and markets would not be allowed. However, this will be known once the final decision is announced next week.

 Goa has seen a steep increase in the number of COVID cases after being called a Zero-COVID state for a month. Goa is still among the top tourism destination in India.

 Last week the Travel & Tourism Association of Goa sent a letter to the Chief Minister warning about the high increase in unemployment due to the lockdown. The letter also demanded the government to take action to avoid permanent closure of the businesses for the people in Goa.

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