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Goa considered as a favourite destination for Indian travelers this year: OYO survey

The domestic tourism activities in Goa have significantly increased since past year.

There is a new study that shows the most preferred destination of Indians. Well, it’s not a shocker that the destination is Goa. Instead of international ones, Indians are going gaga over their favorite place, Goa. According to OYO Travelopedia, Goa topped the list followed by Manali in Himachal Pradesh.

OYO Travelopedia, the annual consumer survey by OYO to study travel intent and expectations among its user base across some of its core markets, including India, Indonesia, and Europe. The annual consumer survey took responses of nearly 3,000 people in December 2021. This was conducted by OYO Travelopedia To study travel intent and expectations. The study was taken up for the core markets, India, Indonesia, and Europe.

It’s like a new wave of exploring India is gaining popularity, especially among the young gen Z population. According to the study, 61 percent of Indians would prefer to go local and explore domestic destinations, while 25 percent would like to try international as well as domestic trips in 2022.

Also, this mindset is highly influenced by the current ongoing pandemic that ceases to end. Safety while traveling remained one of the major concerns of 80 percent of respondents despite the enthusiasm to travel. Also, it is safe to say that the arrival of a booster dose would reassure them to travel.

Goa most certainly topped the 2022 bucket list and made it the favorite destination of Indians, the report mentioned. OYO, the famous hospitality chain said, “This is followed by Manali, Dubai, Shimla, and Kerala,”. The other international destinations on Indian travelers’ bucket list include Maldives, Paris, Bali, and Switzerland.

The study also asked the respondents about the type of travel partners they would prefer. As the answer, 37 percent of the respondents said they would like to travel with their spouses or partners.

Moreover, 19 percent of the above said that they would “love to take that much-awaited vacation with close friends”, on the other hand, 16 percent chose a family vacation, and the rest of them which were 12 % preferred solo backpacking over traveling with their close ones.

“A good 16 percent of respondents said they would like it all!” the survey said. As compared to India, Bali emerged as the favorite destination for 2022, in Indonesia, according to OYO Travelopedia. The majority of respondents in Europe opted for Bornholm, located on the Danish island in the Baltic Sea.

When we talk about the Netherlands, many people expressed that they would love to visit Austria this year.



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