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Goa curfew extended till 6th September

All tourists including the fully vaccinated ones will have to get RT-PCR test before traveling.

After witnessing a spike in the number of new cases in Goa, the state government of Goa announced that the Covid Curfew will be extended till 6th September. Under this curfew, the shops will be allowed to function during certain hours of the day. Nighttime travel and the movement of people and vehicles will be restricted.

Another major restriction for traveling tourists is the requirement for the RT-PCR test. This test is mandatory for all tourists include the ones that are fully vaccinated. The state government of Goa is trying to contain the spread of the virus.

The restaurants and cafés are allowed to operate with 50% capacity. Casinos will remain closed until further notice. According to the recent data from 5th May, the positivity rate in Goa was the highest in the country. If the positivity rate climbs to a level of high severity, the restrictions are expected to be tightened in the future.

The upcoming tourist season is expected to start from October, the state government is working towards containing the spread of infection. If the situation gets in control within the next month, then tourists will be allowed to visit Goa more easily and conveniently.

Following is the detailed news article from the Boomlive website about the recently updated travel guidelines.


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