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Goa extended the lockdown until July 12 after concerns over Delta-plus variant

The new cases of the new Delta-plus variant have been reported in the several states of India.

After assessing the situation regarding the new Delta-plus variant of Covid-19, The Chief Minister of Goa announced the extension to the lockdown restrictions until 12th July. Mr. Pramod Sawant (Chief Minister of Goa), the shops and various other facilities are allowed to open from 7 am until 6 pm.

Total relaxation to all the restrictions cannot be expected until the threat of Covid-19 infections disappears. The changes to the lockdown-related norms will continue to change according to the severity of the coronavirus infections.

With the announcement of the new Delta-plus variant, the health officials are keeping track of the new Covid cases. The medical infrastructure and the availability of the vaccines are some of the preparations being made by the government. However, it is still uncertain how severe the new Delta-plus variant be.

It is expected that the Covid-related changes will be made quite frequently. Tourism activities have already started in most of the states in India. But, these activities are only limited to domestic tourism. After, being closed for more than a year, the Goa tourism businesses would need tourist activities in order to revive their businesses.

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