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Goa facing disruption caused by cyclone ‘Tauktae’

Major power outage and damage to the electrical infrastruction has been reported.

Goa is facing strong winds and rain which caused havoc in the region. It has been reported that one person got crushed under a tree and heavy rains and winds caused significant damage to the property. Cyclone Tauktae disrupted the daily workings of the essential services as there is no electricity in Goa at present.

There are also reports of 34 people getting injured in Anjuna village. Several electricity poles and trees got uprooted and the main power lines were damaged due to which the electrical supply was shut down.

Throughout Goa, hundreds of electricity poles got damaged along with many power conductors. It has been reported that the major damage was done by the trees falling on the power lines causing major power outages. Even the power lines coming in from other states got damaged as well. The government officials are still in the process of assessing the damage to the electrical infrastructure. The cleaning processes along with repair work have already started in some areas in Goa.

According to the Meteorological Department, the cyclone is expected to last until tomorrow with wind speeds reaching up to the speed of 175 kilometers per hour. As of now, the repair work is slow due to the strong wind and rains.

The local fishermen were also seen avoiding the sea which disrupted their daily catch routine. According to the fishermen, this cyclone is the worst they have faced since 1994. It has also been announced that the seawater level is expected to rise drastically by tomorrow. By tomorrow, the overall damage can be known as the winds, and rain pouring is continuing.

The following news report from ‘India Ahead News’, about the Goa present condition shows the damage done by Cyclone Tauktae.

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