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Goa has the highest COVID positivity rate in India

A 4-day lockdown until May 10th has been announced.

The famous tourist destination of Goa in western India has recently seen a surge of COVID cases in the past week. According to the official government data, 1 in every 2 people are testing positive. This is a worrying sign for the people residing in Goa.

The following video from ‘Ingoanews’ shows the critical situation in one of Goa’s hospitals.

Today, the High Court has given directions to the Goa government to stop the entry of people in Goa if they are not carrying the COVID negative certificate. A 4-day lockdown has been announced to help contain the virus spread among the people of Goa. Yesterday, people started hoarding essential supplies and most of the shops went empty as bulk buying was seen throughout the shops of Goa.

The life-saving drugs and critical oxygen supply are being allocated but the rise in the new cases is creating stress on the medical infrastructure. As of today, the positivity rate is 52% with around 28,000 active cases in Goa. An average of 50 deaths is reported every single day. Some hospitals have reported a shortage of beds and oxygen supply.

During the summer months, there is not much tourist activity in Goa. But still, the tourists who are still stuck in Goa are struggling to stay safe. The second wave of Covid has brought devastation to the people of India.

People are also expecting another wave of new COVID variants to affect India. With more and more testing the numbers of active cases are also increasing.


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