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Goa implemented another lockdown of 3 days starting 17th July

A night curfew until August 10 has also been enforced in Goa.

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Goa government announced a strict 3-day long lockdown after the sudden rise in the COVID numbers were revealed. The Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Pramod Sawant announced his decision to contain the spread of the COVID.

Also, a total curfew until 10th August will be implemented. During this time all movement of traffic and people with not be allowed from 8 pm until 6 pm every day. During this period only essential services will be allowed such as medical emergencies and food supply etc.

The Chief Minister showed his concern about people not wearing masks and not following the standard social distancing measures. Although people are being fined for breaking the protocol, there is a need for awareness among people to support the safety standard implementation.

During the season of Monsoon, the spread of COVID is expected to increase with the seasonal flu. According to the experts, the spike in the number of new cases is expected in the month of July.

The Chief Minister said that he is working on creating more healthcare facilities to facilitate care for COVID patients. Until now the total cases in Goa are about 2700 with 18 reported deaths so far.

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