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Goa introduces India’s first-ever alcohol museum

The museum is called 'All Alcohol Museum' and it is located in Candolim

Goa opened its first alcohol museum in India. The museum is dedicated to different types of alcohol. The local alcohol ‘Feni’ is given special importance in this museum. ‘Feni’ is very popular among tourists who visit Goa to taste this homemade drink.

The entire history of the ingredients of ‘Feni’ and how it reaches India from Brazil is also very well documented in this museum. ‘Feni’ is very well connected with the culture of Goa.

The name of this museum is ‘All About Alcohol’ and it is situated in Candolim, Goa. The museum holds many traditional materials used for brewing and storing alcohol. There are many old glass bottles of alcohol and other distillation equipment which is decades old. The process of making ‘Feni’ itself is as old as 1946 and the recipes and ingredients were imported from Brazil.

Many locals develop their own unique method of making ‘Feni’ and distributing it to local markets and the tourists. The Cashew Feni is particularly the most common Feni which has a unique taste known to everyone in Goa. The All Alcohol Museum features many varieties and techniques of preparation of Goan Feni and is lesser known to the world.

The museum is expected to bring much-needed attention to the local culture of Goa. The following report by ‘Jagran Josh’ reports in detail about the new All Alcohol Museum in Candolim, Goa.


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