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‘Goa Not Open For Tourism’, announces Chief Minister.

Beach in Goa (image source : wikimedia commons)

The Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Pramod Sawant announced last week that Goa is ready to open for the tourists. He mentioned that under proper safety guidelines, Goa can be allowed for tourists.

However, he changed his stance this week. This was due to the fact that when the government allowed the Goa residents to return back home, most of the people who came back were not native residents. The people who booked the special trains, more than half of them were from other cities.

This was worrisome for the residents of Goa because with these 7 new coronavirus cases were reported. The government has now advised the authorities to strictly ban the Non-Goan people from entering the state. Currently, the total number of active cases in Goa is now 8.

On the positive note, the chief minister said that the Goa will return back to its glory as the best tourist destination. In the long run, the state is working hard to help the tourism industry to recover from this crisis. He also mentioned the possibility of domestic tourism surge in Goa. This is because that Indians will most likely choose Goa instead of any foreign country for travel.

Mr. Pramod recently held a meeting with the state-level banks. He discussed increasing the credit limit for a business that are in need. He also urged the banks to relax the loan interests for the business involved in the tourism sector. In a few weeks, the effect of these measures will be seen.

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