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Goa police will book anyone riding any vehicle on the beaches

A viral video on Social Media shows several tourists driving scooters on the beach.

The tourism minister of Goa, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar announced on Wednesday that Tourists riding any vehicle on the beaches of Goa will be charged by the law. A recent incident has become viral on the Social Media groups in Goa where people were seen driving on an unknown beach.

Mr. Ajgaonkar said that anyone found driving on the beaches will be punished. This announcement came as a result of a video where many tourists were seen riding scooters on the beaches. Many people have been warned regarding this but the driving continues on the beaches. The Tourism minister stated that strict action was needed to be taken.

Following is the news report from ‘Times Now News’ about the announcement made by the Tourism Minister of Goa.


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