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Goa saw 18 new Covid cases and no death so far

The overall number of Covid-19 cases in India have declined siginificantly.

According to the recent data, there are only 18 new Covid-19 cases reported in Goa. Also, no death was reported as of now. 40 people got recovered after getting the Covid-19 infection. The overall Covid-19 cases in India have been declining significantly in the past few months.

The new cases have been reported in several states of India. However, the much expected third wave did not occur as of now. Tourism activities have been increasing throughout India with more and more people traveling. But the cases have declined and the severity of the cases are also low.

Goa is now ready for tourism and all precautions are being taken by the tourism operators. The basic safety guidelines are in place and tourists are expected to follow these guidelines. 40 people are reported to have recovered after contracting the Covid-19 infection. As per the new data, only 241 active cases have remained in Goa.

Following is the news report from the ‘Republic World’ reporting about the recent Covid-19 numbers from the state of Goa.


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