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Goa Tourism sector braces for 25% hit in business and Cordelia Cruise Ship Incident

Currently the Goa tourism is witnessing large influx of tourists.

PANAJI: New year, but the old story! Goa thrived and roared during New Year but the constant increase in Covid cases halted the growth of the tourism industry once again.

The rise in cases and the expected lockdown situation have already made the tourism industry expect a reduction of up to 25% in business. Scheduled weddings scheduled for the month have been called off. Many hotels are also witnessing the cancellation of bookings.

“Two weddings that were to happen this week have been canceled and three fixed in February. There has been a bit of panic and anxiety with cases soaring. We have 20% cancellations of room bookings.” A manager of a resort in Goa mentioned.

Unfortunately, some of the weddings were called off after either a family member or one member of the couple tested positive. Although, the government of Goa has been super helpful throughout all the chaos. Hence no strict restrictions were imposed until recently. The other weddings are still happening.

Although, it’s a good thing that all the hoteliers and other members of the tourism fraternity are taking SOPs seriously because they know that if anything goes wrong there is no comeback.

Cruise Ship In Goa Sails Back To Mumbai

Panaji: Recently, 66 of them over 2,000 people onboard a cruise ship tested positive for COVID-19. The cruise ship was traveling to Goa from Mumbai. The ship was successfully sent back to Mumbai from a port in Goa. Several infected passengers refused to leave the cruise ship,

Many infected passengers denied departure from the cruise ship Cordelia, for quarantine at a medical facility in Goa.

The infected passengers were made to stay on the ship until the test was done. All the passengers were tested after a crew member was found positive on Sunday.

Cordelia had set sail for a New Year party from Mumbai. But after it was figured that one passenger was infected and 27 passengers out of all the others who were tested positive, refused to leave the ship. The ship was sent back to Mumbai, from where it started.

Only six crew members out of the total 66 who tested positive left the cruise in Goa. The rest of the passengers adamantly refused to get admitted to a COVID-19 facility in Goa. Therefore, the ship had to be sent back.

FYI, Cordelia is the same famous cruise ship raided by Narcotics Control Bureau officials last year over an alleged drugs bust in a case in which actor Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan, among others, was named. Well, Cordelia has made it to the news again. It was carrying a huge crowd of carefree people who wanted to celebrate the new year amidst the new variant scare.


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