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Goa under the process of opening for the tourists

Goa beach before the Lockdown (Image source : wikimedia commons)

The Chief Minister of Goa, Mr. Pramod announced this week that it will allow tourists to travel to Goa with some restrictions. The state government is in the process of preparing the guidelines for tourism to operate in Goa.

The businesses in Goa have suffered due to the lockdown. Considering this the situation, the government had decided to open up the businesses while following safety guidelines. The government is working towards reviving and restoring Goa for tourism and improving the overall quality.

According to the tourism officials, around 70,000 tourism jobs are at risk. Goa is largely dependent on tourism for its income. Hence the decision taken by the government has been thoroughly reviewed.

Following report by NEWS9 details the state of Goa tourism during lockdown.

The guidelines that are being prepared are focused on balancing the risk of virus infection and the economic situation of the state. As of now, no one has challenged the decision of the Chief Minister in this regard. People of Goa involved in the tourism business are not expected to question this decision. This is because the need for their economic sustenance is dependent on Tourism. It is estimated that 40 percent of the population of Goa solely depends on tourism.

Only time will tell, how this decision will affect the businesses as well as the state of COVID-19 spread.

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