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Goa will allow its Casinos to reopen starting 20th September

Casinos are allowed to operate with only 50% capacity.

The state government of Goa is preparing for the upcoming winter season. During the winter months, the number of tourists visiting Goa is the highest compared to the rest of the year. To increase the tourism activities in Goa, the government has decided to open Casinos in Goa.

According to the state government official, casino operations are allowed from tomorrow, 20th September. However, the Casinos are allowed to operate with only 50% capacity. This is another decision taken by the government that is aimed at boosting the tourism sector of Goa

The Covid-19 positivity rate in Goa is now less than 2%. The tourists visiting Goa will only be allowed if they are fully vaccinated. Unvaccinated tourists will have to show an RT-PCR test report before entering Goa. The following news report from ‘India Times’ talks about the recent announcement made by the state government official.


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