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Goa will be open to tourists after May 17 lockdown, if government guidelines are met

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The chief minister of Goa, Mr. Pramod Sawant on 2nd May, has made an announcement. He said that if the required guidelines are met, the tourism activities will resume after the end of lockdown on May 17th. Goa has been recently declared a COVID-19 free state with zero patients. This is positive news for the state and the people involved in the tourism business.

According to the Chief Minister, they have been receiving a lot of requests for the bailout package from the tourism industry. The industry has suffered severe losses due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The state of Goa is going through a recession since the only other industry after tourism is mining and it has been banned completely. This has resulted in the loss of jobs and the source of revenue for the state. According to the official statistics, the tourism industry contributes to about 30 percent of the GDP for the state.

Since the lockdown in March, the beaches of Goa are empty and the local businesses suffered heavy losses. Most of these businesses are unable to pay for their running costs and bank loans. The last season for Goa was fruitful. There were over 500,000 foreigners who came to the state along with over 6 million domestic tourists. The upcoming seasons might take some time to flourish and generate the expected revenues for the businesses.

Even after being declared a Green Zone, the state has still kept its borders sealed. It is going to follow the strict closure of the borders since the neighboring states such as Karnataka and Mumbai are showing up a significant rise in the new Coronavirus positive cases.

However, the Chief Minister of Goa is positive that if the proper measures are taken and the guidelines are followed, the tourist activities can start.

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