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Goa’s Tourism Minister said that only vaccinated tourists will be allowed in Goa

The final decision is yet to be made by the Goa's government for vaccinations.

Today, the Tourism Minister of Goa, Mr. Manohar Ajgaonkar announced that only vaccinated people will be allowed to enter Goa. He also said that Goa will be opened for tourism when everyone in Goa gets two doses of the vaccine. Also, only those tourists will be allowed to enter Goa who has received both doses of the vaccine.

The tourism minister insisted that only after the full vaccination is done, that Goa will become safe for tourism. He said that we should keep Goa and its tourists safe. Goa is the last state left in Western India where Covid tests are yet to be made mandatory.

Due to the increasing ‘Vaccine hesitancy’ among the people of Goa, it seems very difficult to get everyone vaccinated. No mandatory measures have been announced yet to get everyone vaccinated. However, the Tourism Minister stressed the safety of the tourists and the local Goan population.

The tourism minister also said that he will follow any decision related to vaccination made by the government and will ensure that the people remain safe from the Covid-19 infection. Following is the official news article in regards to Tourism Minister’s statement.



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