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Government Goa announced a vaccination drive for 18-44 year olds

India is already planning a massive vaccination drive starting June 21.

The government of Goa announced yesterday that it will start ‘Tika Utsav 3.0’ which roughly translates into ‘Injection Festival 3.0’. The government of Goa has already planned for an extensive vaccination drive after the Prime Minister’s address earlier this week.

The upcoming vaccination drive in Goa is targeted at 18-44-year-old people. The Chief Minister of Goa said that the response to the vaccination drive has been good compared to the previous vaccinations.

After the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi announced that all the vaccines will be distributed by the Central government for free, the vaccination drive is expected to be an extensive effort to vaccinate everyone.

The number of people criticizing the vaccination drive has increased including the opposition political parties who are raising their voices against the vaccines. But the opposition parties have only been criticizing the vaccination policy. They have not yet criticized the use of vaccines entirely.

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