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Government of Himachal Pradesh increased security to monitor Social Distancing Norms

In the past few weeks, Himachal Pradesh has seen a surge in the incoming tourists from major cities.

Since the last few weeks, there has been a huge influx of incoming tourists visiting Manali and other popular destinations in Himachal Pradesh. Manali in particular has seen a huge surge of tourists who visiting Manali in the last 2 weeks.

The tourist crowd was so immense that there was no availability of any rooms in the hotels. Last month and the current months are making the lives in Delhi, Punjab, and Haryana unbearable due to the excessive heatwave. The summers have been particularly brutal in these cities.

To escape the heatwave, the tourists have chosen the hills to spend their summer vacations. Many tourists chose to travel in their own vehicles and some hired taxis to take them to their favorite destinations in Himachal Pradesh.

For the last few weeks, social media has been making a few pictures of Manali viral because of the intense traffic and huge crowds gathering at the central square. This has made the locals worry about the spread of the Covid infection. Although, many hotel owners and tour operators are happy that their tourism businesses have seen some revenue.

From the pictures, it is quite clear that the social distancing norms are not at all being practiced. People can be seen walking in overcrowded streets which has been a cause for concern. The government has relaxed many restrictions for tourists where they need not carry any ‘Covid-negative’ certificate. This has created a huge surge of incoming tourists.

The Himachal Pradesh government is planning to introduce some restrictions to carefully manage the situation. The officials are already been instructed to increase security and make sure the social distancing norms and Covid-appropriate-behavior is observed. The following news article from ‘Hindustan Times’ shows the pictures of the crowds that flooded the street of Manali.

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