Hackers are sending fake vaccine registration messages in India

The SMS shows the link to the malware that accesses the personal information.

Many people have reported that they have been receiving SMS message that is asking people to register for the receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The message is titled ‘Register for COVID vaccine from age 18+’ and it then asks users to register on an app.

The official sources have opened the vaccination program for all people from the ages 18-44 starting 1st of May. Many people are rushing to get the vaccines and they have been reports of contracting an infection while waiting for the vaccine shot.

Hackers are using this crisis as an opportunity to get fake registrations for vaccines through people’s phones. The way it works is that hackers first send an SMS message asking people to register through an app. Once the user downloads the app through the provided link, it asks for permission to access contacts and messages. After that, the app sends the message to every contact on the phone.

One of the security firms called Cyble confirmed that this is malware that accesses user’s information and shares it in an unauthorized way. The malware also uses the phone’s billing plan to automatically send messages without the consent of the user.

During this time, this is another challenge that needs to be overcome by staying vigilant and taking proper precautions to avoid any unauthorized app to access the personal data. While India is preparing itself for another lockdown, there are many incidents of people taking advantage of this crisis.


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