Hamas said that Israeli Gods changed the paths of their rockets

Rockets fired into Israel were subverted by the Israeli missile defense system.

A recent news headline emerged that claimed that Hamas terrorists are complaining about God changing the direction of the rockets fired by them.

With the ongoing fight between Israel and Gaza, there has been a rise in the anti-Israel protests which resulted in a chaotic scenario for the residents of the region. Many lives have been lost during the recent conflict.

During the recent crisis, many rockets were fired into Israel by the Hamas terrorists which killed several people including children. Many of these rockets were diverted or destroyed by the Israeli rocket defense system which is also known as the ‘Iron Dome’. This resulted in safeguarding Israel from the onslaught of a major attack. More than 90% of the attacks were diverted by the defense system.

To this, Hamas has complained that the miracles of Gods are diverting the rockets that they fired at them. The following news article published by news24.com reports about the newspaper headline that mentioned this.




The conflict between Gaza and Israel has long remained unresolved and due to this thousands of lives on both sides have been lost. There is no clear conclusion on if there is a permanent solution for peace. As of now, the situation is still tense and people are grieving the deaths on both sides.

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