Health and Wellness tourism is being boosted by the Tourism ministry

These wellness retreats comprise of traditional Ayurvedic and Yogic therapies to boost body's immunity.

Modern Ayurveda
Ayurvedic Medicines (image source: Wikimedia commons)

The health and wellness related tourism has seen a steady rise in its popularity among the tourists. Many people have chosen to travel to help them rejuvenate their health and get time away from their hectic life. Such travelers have enough number of destinations that provide health and wellness related services to make their vacation worthwhile.

The wellness aspect of tourism has seen the fastest growth in the tourism sector. As a result, many tourism business owners have switched their focus on health-oriented services that can be provided to the tourists. Presently, the government is focusing on relaxing restrictions to make travelling easy and safe for tourists due to the COVID-19 situation.

The following are the few travel options to consider if you are planning a Wellness retreat or health-oriented vacation. 


  1. Niraamaya Retreats: In partnership with Daivam Wellness, Niramaya Retreats launched the ‘Immunity Rejuvenation Programme’ at Kovalam district in Thekkady, Kerala. This retreat is managed and designed by doctors who are qualified in natural therapies. All the therapies in the institute are scientifically proven to be beneficial in a variety of curing physiological and psychological ailments.

        All the therapies provided in this institute is designed to help balance the ‘Doshas’ in the human body          and increase immunity. The basic concept of Ayurvedic healing focuses on treating the cause of the              disease instead of treating the symptoms.


  1. Dharana Rasayana Retreat: This institute is located in Shillim near Pune city of Maharashtra. The retreat package can be experienced for a duration of a minimum of 5 days. This retreat consists of various Ayurvedic therapies, diet programs, and various yoga and physiological exercises that help balance the human body.
  1. Atmantan Wellness Centre: This center is located in Mulshi in Pune, Maharashtra. The health programs in this center is based on Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, and traditional Chinese medicine. The center has provided consultations focusing on holistic body type assessment, treatment, and dietary solutions. Various forms of Yoga therapies and medication practices are also provided for the overall mental and physical health.

Currently, due to the pandemic situation, all the above-mentioned retreats are available after the tourists provide the COVID negative certificate done before 48 hours before booking their stay.


The following YouTube video from the ‘Curly Tales’ channel gives a glimpse into the ‘Atmantan Wellness Retreat’ in Mulshi, Pune.

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