Health Department of Maharashtra warns of ‘Delta plus’ variant which can spark the 3rd wave

The health officials warned that the new variant would be highly contagious and will affect children.

Yesterday on 16th June, the Chief Minister of the state of Maharashtra attended a meeting with the Health department officials where he was notified that the new Delta Plus variant of the Covid-19 virus could spark a third wave in Maharashtra. The Chief Minister urged the doctors and health officers to ensure that the Covid-appropriate behavior is followed along with the preparation of the essential medical equipment and supplies.

The Chief Minister was informed by the health department officials that the new Delta-plus variant is highly contagious and can prove fatal compared to the previous variants. The health department also warned about the high number of cases because of the third wave compared to the second wave.

The state health officials said that the total number of patients during the first wave there were 1,900,000 patients, the second wave saw 4,000,000, and the third wave could affect 8,000,000 and out of which 10% could be the children.

The health officials also mentioned the importance of preparation to avoid the spread of the third wave in the state. Chief Minister also stressed the need to increase the vaccination in the state. He also pointed out that the state will procure additional vaccine doses by August this year.

The following news report by ‘EditorJi’ talks about the meeting of the health department with the Chief Minister of Maharashtra warning about the possible third wave.

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