Highest number of COVID cases reported today in India and the cases are increasing rapidly

סביב 10,000 מקרים מדווחים מדי יום

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According to the Health Department of India, the total confirmed coronavirus cases reached a total of 2,86,579. The total deaths from COVID-19 have increased to a total of 8,102. 

Nearly 10,000 cases are being reported every single day in the last week. The spread of the virus has increased in the country but the recovery rate is also going up. The rate of recovery is now reported to be more than 49 percent since the beginning of the Coronavirus spread. As of today, the recovery rate was reported to be 49.21% on June 11. 

Yesterday, the highest number of deaths of 357 people were reported from COVID. The good news is that the number of recovered patients is now more than active cases. 

Some foreign nationals are also reported to be among the confirmed COVID-19 cases. 

The following are the number of fatalities from COVID in the highest infection affected states of India.

  • Maharashtra: 3,438
  • Gujarat: 1,347
  • Delhi: 984
  • Madhya Pradesh: 427
  • West Bengal: 432
  • Tamil Nadu: 326
  • Uttar Pradesh: 321
  • Rajasthan: 259
  • West Bengal: 432
  • Tamil Nadu: 326
  • Telangana: 156
  • Andhra Pradesh: 78
  • Karnataka: 69
  • Punjab: 55
  • Jammu & Kashmir: 51
  • Haryana: 52
  • Bihar: 33
  • Kerala: 18
  • Uttarakhand: 15
  • Odisha: 9
  • Jharkhand: 8
  • Himachal Pradesh: 5 

The health ministry reported that more than 70% of these deaths were due to pre-existing medical conditions in the patients.

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