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Himachal Pradesh allowed tourists to travel to the state without the Covid certificate

Currently there is no requirement to carry Covid negative test report for the incoming tourists.

Today, there was a huge traffic inflow seen of the incoming tourists entering the state of Himachal Pradesh at the borders of the town called Parwanoo. This large influx was due to the fact that the Himachal Pradesh government eased the restrictions for the tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh.

Earlier, during the lockdown, all tourists visiting Himachal Pradesh were required to carry a Covid negative medical test report. But due to the easing of the restrictions by Himachal Pradesh, no such requirement is there as of now.

All the major cities have already seen a major increase in the number of incoming tourists. With the summer heat increasing in the North Indian cities of Punjab, Delhi, and Haryana, more tourists are expected to enter Himachal Pradesh.

Many people fear that tourists who are carrying the Covid-19 infection might create another surge of new Covid cases in the state. This has already happened last year when the government allowed the tourists to enter Himachal in an effort to revive the economy. But instead, it resulted in increasing the cases of new infections.

Following is a recent news report showing the increasing tourist influx to Himachal Pradesh. In this video, a huge traffic jam can be seen at the border areas of Himachal Pradesh.

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