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Himachal’s forest department will start promoting forest lands for eco-tourism

forests and lakes in Himachal Pradesh are being developed under Eco-Tourism initiative.

lake in Himachal
Dhankar Lake, Himachal (Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

The forest minister of Himachal Pradesh had a meeting with all the forest officials to discuss all possibilities within the state to develop the forest land for establishing sites for Eco-Tourism. This meeting was done with the idea to increase the revenue for the state which has suffered financially because of the shattered tourism sector.

The government is optimistic about the idea of developing eco-tourism sites. The focus of the development is on the infrastructure required for the eco-tourism sites. Also, a digital web portal will be developed to help tourists get information about the eco-tourism facilities as well as the booking services.

The forest department also announced that they will be developing sites for tourists to camp and pitch up tents at some remote sites. Rest houses from the forest department will also be available for the tourists in some sites.

Many other activities will also be available for tourists such as bird watching and trekking. Many locals will be employed for this initiative to help with the local economy.

The forest department also announced that the lakes in Himachal Pradesh will also be developed as eco-tourism sites. The state currently has a lot of lake sites that are popular among tourists and also some sites which are lesser-known remote sites. With the promotion of the lakes, it will also help in the maintenance and preservation of lakes in the state.

The following YouTube video from ‘GnY TV’ channel shows the 10 best Eco-Tourism sites in India.


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