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Homemade wine in the state of Meghalaya has been legalized

All local winemakers in Meghalaya will be issues licenses to manufacture wine.

Red Wine
Red Wine (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Last week, the government of Meghalaya announced new rules for the people engaged in the manufacturing of homemade wine. The new rules for Manufacturing and the sale will legalize the manufacture of homemade wine.

The local winemakers have been demanding the government to legalize their businesses for nearly 20 years. According to the new ‘Manufacture and Sale of Homemade Fruit Wines Rule 2020’, licenses will be issued to the local winemakers to legally run their businesses. All the rules and guidelines have been approved by the cabinet ministry officials.

As per the Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Mr. Conrad K. Sangma, these rules will enable the individuals to sell their wine in the market. This initiative by the state government will encourage farmers to produce many varieties of wine from the many fruits that grow in Meghalaya. The employment opportunities among the locals will also rise with the rise in the production of the local wine.

A group called ‘Meghalaya Wine Kakers Association’ has been fighting for the legalization of the local wine industry for many years. According to the president of the association, the government decision has made the local producers very happy. This will result in increased revenue for the state.

The state of Meghalaya is also popular for its annual Wine Festival which brings in tourists and winemakers from all over India. With the legalization of the homemade production, the Wine Festival is expected to grow in its popularity in the coming years.

The following are the popular fruits that are used in the making of wines: 

  1. Soh Phoh (Indigenous fruit of the pear family)
  2. Sohiong (Prunus Nepalenses)
  3. Soh Brap (passion fruit)
  4. Soh Mylleng (Officininalis Orientalis)
  5. Soh Mon (Meyna Laxiflora)
  6. Soh Phan (jackfruit)
  7. Mandarin
  8. Orange
  9. Mulberry
  10. Litchi
  11. Ginger
  12. Banana
  13. Pineapple
  14. Strawberry

The following news report from ‘TNT TV’ shows the cabinet ministry deciding on the legalization of the Local Wine Manufacturing rules.

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