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Hotel owners angry after tourists were not allowed to enter Himachal

Dharamkot in Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh (image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Yesterday, the administrative officials of Himachal Pradesh stopped all tourists to enter Himachal even when they had all the valid documents. This made the hotel owners angry since they were following all the rules to ensure that the tourists visit Himachal Pradesh.

The hotel owners publicly said that the idea to revive the tourism industry is not possible if tourists are harassed and are not able to travel with all the fulfilled requirements.

According to the rules, everyone who is entering Himachal will have to possess a COVID negative medical report and a mandatory 5-day hotel booking. Despite doing all the required procedures, many tourists were not permitted to enter the borders. The president of the hotel association of Chail said that the tourists were told that they need to have a receipt of the online registration. Even after presenting the receipt, the tourists were not allowed to travel.

According to the president of the hotel association, the administration should make sure that the rules they themselves set are followed. He also said that many tourists were asked for the sanitization certification of their vehicles which is unfair since many trucks carrying goods are entering Himachal without such documents.

According to the hotel owners, it will be difficult to see any recovery in the tourism sector if the norms are not in favor of the people. Many entrepreneurs also suggested that the labs are too slow to issue the COVID negative test results. This made the tourists more disinterested in traveling.

These problems need to be resolved in order to help the tourism businesses stay afloat during this pandemic.

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