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Hotel owners in Himachal came together to ask Government to allow tourists.

Tourism Industry Stakeholder’s Association demanded the government to allow tourists

The Ridge, Shimla, Himchal Pradesh (image source: wikimedia commons)
The Ridge, Shimla (image source: wikimedia commons)

In the last month, the hotel owners protested the harsh implementation of the safety protocols which also included rules that were not issued by the central government. Such as giving tourists a special ‘Ayurvedic Drink’ called ‘Kadha’ and screening tourists before making a booking. Since then the hotels have been shut down and the government completely prohibited the entry of tourists from other states.

Last week, all the business owners who are part of the Tourism Industry Stakeholder’s Association came forward to urge the Himachal State government to allow the entry of tourists.

More than 100 hotel owners and people associated with the hospitality and tourism industry attended a 2-day workshop. This training workshop was to create awareness and also train people in handling the COVID crisis. All hotel owners said to the government that they are fully prepared to handle the tourists. They said that they will make sure that the facilities are hygienic and safe for the tourists.

With many cultural monuments and popular tourist sites opening throughout India, the tourism industry in Himachal is waiting for a positive decision that will allow them to run their businesses.

This meeting was held because after June 30 the lockdown phase will end and from 1st July, the tourism businesses are hoping to start working. Summer is the peak season, It is expected that the most number of people throughout India will visit the mountains to escape the city heat.

Considering this, all the business owners demanded the government to open the state to the tourists and help them recover their businesses and also generate revenue to the state which is hugely dependent on tourists.

In the next few days after July 1st, we are expecting an announcement by the Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh to convey his decision on this matter.

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