Hotel owners requesting the Goa government to allow the reopening of hotels

עסקי התיירות של גואה זקוקים לעזרה בכדי למנוע את הנזקים הבלתי הפיכים לעסקים שלהם.

Goa Beach, India (image source: wikimedia commons)

The closing of the hotels in Goa due to the lockdown infuriated the hotel owners. The people involved in the tourism businesses fear that the further extension of the lockdown will make life difficult for them. Some fear that there will be irreversible damage to their businesses.

Since the lockdn, the government has not given any economic relief package to the businesses. The loans some of these businesses took seem impossible to be paid back. The least people expect is to allow them to run their business operations to sustain their livelihood. Until now, nothing positive has been heart from the Goa government. The staggering number of job losses and loss in the sources of the revenue made the business community pessimistic.

The business community is positive that if they are allowed to function, they can recover their losses and generate revenue for the state. The new season is about to start in the coming months and the domestic tourists are expected to visit Goa. The government has already allowed interstate travel in the ‘unlock’ phase. However, there is no news about when the hotels will be allowed to open.

The government has made many announcements about creating the guidelines under which people will be allowed to visit and stay in Goa. The implementation of these guidelines has not yet happened.

People are hoping that some concrete decisions will be made to open the hotels in the month of June. Some hotel owners reported having said that even if half of the hotels are allowed to open, it would good for generating revenue for the state.

Since the lockdown restrictions were enforced during the ‘Off-Season’ for Goa, the economic damage was not that great. Many other states such as Himachal Pradesh has suffered more due to the lockdown. In the coming weeks, a decisive plan from the Goa government is expected.

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