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Hotels and Resorts prepare to open in Kumarakom

עסקי האירוח בקראלה ייפתחו בשלבים שונים בשבועות הקרובים.

Houseboats in Komarakom, Kerala (image source: wikimedia commons)

Kumarakom is a very popular village near the Vembanad Lake which is situated in the backwaters of Kerala. The village is known for its canals and houseboats. There is a bird sanctuary in Kumarakom which protects many bird species.

After being severely hit by COVID, the tourism sector of Kerala is gradually reviving itself back to normal. Hotel and Resorts are opening up for the travelers arriving at Kumarakom.

Currently, the hotels and resorts are not booking any travelers from outside of Kerala. They are promoting tour packages for the local Kerala people. This is the first phase of the re-opening of these resorts. The opening will be done in phases with more and more travelers being allowed into these resorts.

The resorts and hotels will have to follow the safety protocols issues by the government. This includes thermal scanning of all visitors and sanitization of all the belongings of the tourists and the regular sanitization of the hotel premises as well. The hotel staff will have to wear protective clothing during all physical interactions with the travelers.

At present, all the hotels in Kumarakom are undergoing thorough cleansing of the premises along with staff training and preparations for the safety of all guests. In the coming weeks, we can see more and more hotels opening up in Kerala and welcoming tourists from within India.

The following YouTube video from Kerala Tourism promotes responsible tourism along with 6 popular activities tourists can participate in. 

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