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Hotels in Dharamsala refused the ‘No Site-Seeing’ policy for tourists

המדיניות החדשה הרתיחה את בעלי המלונות

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh (image source: wikimedia commons)

The Himachal State government announced that the domestic tourism will start from June 8. However, the hotels were told that the tourists will not be allowed to visit sites, markets and even go outside of the hotel premises. If this policy is not followed the required action will be taken against the hotel’s owner and the tourist.

The hotel owners have protested this government decision and called it unjust. The hotel association of Dharamsala said that the government is inconsiderate in their decision making. Hotel owners were told by the government to restart their operations but the no-site seeing policy will not help tourists as it defeats the reason to visit Himachal.

One of the proposals that officials presented before the hoteliers were that the tourists coming to the state will not be allowed for local site-seeing, tours, market visits or move outside the hotel. The tourism department also proposed that in case tourists move outside the hotel, it will be viewed a violation, and action will be initiated against the hotelier and client under the law. However, the tourists will be free to move within the hotel the proposal states as per documents available with The Tribune.

There other conditions mentioned in the policy were that the Tourist will have to drink a special soup (‘Kadha’) every single day of their stay. This soup contains some ayurvedic herbs which are believed to have immune-boosting properties. The hotel menu will also be authorized by the Health Department of Himachal.  Another condition in the policy says that the hotels will not allow people with high fever, kidney issues, and lung infections.

These conditions have infuriated the hoteliers and they said in a report that the responsibility to check the health of the tourists is in the health department, not the hotel owners. Also, there is no way of knowing the pre-existing health conditions at the time of booking. Many senior members of the hotel association of Himachal have shown their frustration over this new policy.

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